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For more than 20 years, Global Jet Luxembourg, leading European company in aircraft management, is focused on providing a high quality of service to an exceptional clientele. Our team of more than 700 aviation specialists is entirely devoted to the satisfaction of our clientele.

The Technical Department is in charge of the airworthiness and maintenance management of the aircraft. This enhanced surveillance is established in accordance with the different airworthiness regulations such as EASA, FAA, and foreign CAA such as Aruba DCA, CAA KY, etc.

Global Jet’s Technical Department includes high-qualified personnel, experienced in aircraft management and holders of mechanical licenses, working to ensure an efficient survey and technical management of the aircraft.

Type Full time Experience Middle (3 - 5 years)

Tasks & Missions

– Reporting of non-compliance or near miss of any technical or operational procedure,
– Issuing and updating Aircraft Maintenance Program in accordance with technical procedures,
– Issuing and updating the Minimum Equipment List, Operating Manuals OM Part A, B
– Following aircraft repair and modifications in accordance with technical and operational procedures
– Issuing the reliability reporting of Global Jet fleet
– Following weighing report in accordance with technical and operational procedures (GURU update, Third application used for EFB)

Personal Skills

- Knowledge of maintenance methods, HF principles and safety management system - Engineering Degree or bachelor’s degree with additional aeronautical education - Knowledge of CAME and OM part A - Knowledge of statistical analysis and reliability method and the applicable methodology - AMP principal and basic method such as MSG 3 - Knowledge of a relevant sample of the type(s) of aircraft gained through a formalized training course - Fluent in English

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