About us

With more than 15 years of international operation, Global Jet Luxembourg has proven its exceptional know-how and become a benchmark for private aircraft management. Our vast expertise not only allows us to manage more than 80 aircraft worldwide, but more importantly – enables us to offer individual and tailor-made solutions to our partners. Evidence to this is the continuous trust placed in us by our long-term clients, as well as the steadily rising demand for our service.


Global Jet’s team, comprised of more than 500 aviation specialists, is dedicated to meeting  every customer's requirement and anticipating their needs to ensure a flawless operation. From verifying compliance with aviation legislation, through recruiting highly qualified staff, to supervising and coordinating maintenance work, we exist to deliver a seamless experience, which allows our clients to effortlessly fly their private jet.


Safety and security are paramount for us. We hire skilled crew from around the world who undergo regular and comprehensive training both on ground and in state-of-the-art simulators to ensure a maximum level of safety and security onboard. We take pride in the highest standards of in-flight service achieved by talented and professional flight attendants.

As a pioneer in Aircraft Management, we have built a solid foundation of crucial experience which enables us to distinguish ourselves in the industry. A fundamental reason for our strength is our continued striving for innovation and implementation of new technologies both onboard our aircraft and within our administration. Proof of this is our ongoing project of equipping our whole fleet with a tailor-made technology, facilitating smooth operations. In line with our philosophy, we have also developed a unique secure reporting system, exclusively for our clients.

Our finance and accounting team is a strong pillar and holds in place the vital structure of resources. Through a proven system of strict controlling of expenses, we optimize cost saving and promote cost efficiency. Through the expansion of our network of partner suppliers worldwide, Global Jet aims to provide the most competitive prices and the highest quality services to our clients.


In order to understand and facilitate the needs of exceptional clientele, one needs an exceptional staff, people with comprehensive qualities, committed to performing beyond expectations and always willing to improve. Therefore, Global Jet Luxembourg is constantly looking for new talents to join a unique experience.  
  • Our employees' talent, more than anything else, is an essential competitive advantage that underpins the success of our company
  • Global Jet’s team is entirely devoted to the satisfaction of our clientele. From flight planning to catering and VIP services, we accommodate our clients’ every need.
  • We are uncompromising when it comes to standards of maintenance and aircraft safety, which allows us to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our customers.
  • Through all the aspects of aircraft management, from administrative, financial control and cost analysis, to flight planning, crew operations and in-flight service, we take care of your asset in a way that best allows you to make full use of it.
  • We strive to select the best people and the best equipment, and keep them endlessly up to the standards in order to provide excellency in service.